Use Case

NFTcommerce for fundraising and token-gating product on Shopify

Do you have the product idea but struggling to fund the development costs? Using NFTcommerce you can fundraise your product and start a business in a decentralized way more transparently and faster.

The problem

Funding and launching a product, such as as limited edition shoes, can be a risky and uncertain process in a centralized environment. Decisions made by a central authority, such as a Shopify store owner, may not align with the expectations or desires of the target market, leading to unsuccessful product launches and lost investment. Additionally, the transparency and accountability of a decentralized system can provide greater reassurance for investors, as they have the option to sell their tokens on a secondary marketplace if they no longer believe in the project. Overall, investing in a decentralized product development process, such as a limited edition shoe release on a Shopify store, can offer a safer and more transparent investment opportunity.


Funding a product can be challenging, especially when it comes to delivering the product to the right investor. But with NFTcommerce, you can easily solve this problem on the Shopify platform by using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to token-gate the product. Simply require that the user possesses a specific NFT in order to access the product, ensuring that only the intended investor can receive it. This way, you can easily and securely deliver your product to the correct investor on the Shopify eCommerce platform.

Benefits for business

Are you looking for a way to fundraise and release the product thought Shopify eCommerce platform? NFTcommerce could be the solution you're looking for.

Develop products in a decentralized way.

Fundraise the product in a more transparent way.

Build a community around the product or brand.

Benefits for investors

Investors in your product can feel confident that they can sell their NFTs if they no longer wish to hold onto them or if they need to divest from the product. This added security can provide peace of mind and encourage potential investors to consider investing in your product.

NFT holders will feel being part of the product that motivates them to promote the product, thus generating user-created content.

Investing in products is more secure and transparent.