NFTcommerce Founder Pass Collection

Join the NFTcommerce Founders and shape the future of Web3 eCommerce on the MultiversX Network. Mint your pass today!

Meet the Collection

Welcome to the NFTcommerce Founders Passes collection on the MultiversX Network! This collection features 750 NFTs that are focused on helping founders earn and shape the future of Web3 eCommerce. The team behind this collection, Combased, has a track record of success in the Web3 space and is dedicated to building a thriving community of founders. Join this collection today to align yourself with a group of like-minded individuals committed to driving innovation and growth in the eCommerce industry. Learn more about the project and collection in the white paper document.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Our NFT Collection

As a NFTcommerce Founder Pass holder, you will have access to exclusive resources of Web3 and support to succeed in the emerging world of Web3 eCommerce. Join the Founders community today and be at the forefront of the next big thing in eCommerce

Lifetime free access

NFT holders will have access to use the app indefinitely, without having to pay any additional fees.

Shared revenue

NFT holders will have a share of the revenue generated by the NFTcommerce app, which can provide a source of passive income.

Voting rights

NFT holders will have a say in the direction of the app's development, allowing them to influence the features and functionality of the app.

Private community access

NFT holders will be able to join an exclusive community of entrepreneurs and experts in the fields of web3 and ecommerce, where they can network and receive guidance and support.

Web3 & eCommerce Consulting

NFT holders will have access to free consultation on web3 and ecommerce topics, which can be helpful for those looking to start or grow their business.

Contribute to MultiversX growth

Each holder will be contributing to the development and scalability of the NFTcommerce app, which can ultimately benefit the MultiversX Network by increasing its reach.

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We want to be transparent about the use of funds from the NFT sale. We value the trust of the MultiversX community and want to be open and transparent in all of our actions. Therefore, we want everyone to know where the sale funds will be allocated and how they will be used.

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