Today's Shopify scale solution

Tokengated commerce solution

Connect with your community and drive sales by providing token holders exclusive access to your products, experiences, and more.

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Empower brand’s loyalty on Shopify with Web3 technology

Web3 technology is moving forward by strongly shaping new eCommerce standards. Do not wait your competitors will be in front of you by making more sales just by utilizing NFTs. Connect with your brand's followers and drive sales by giving NFT holders unusual access to your products, experiences, and more.

Streamlined product for innovators

Motivate and retain interest in your brand

Increase the quality of customer relationships by implementing Web3 marketing solutions.
Give token holders early access to drops or exclusive access to limited edition merch
Unlock exclusive products for token holders after they connect Web3 wallet to your store
Enable discounts for token holders

Developed on blockchains

Create gated products and discounts only accessible by your NFT holders. All ERC contracts supported (Polygon) and also ElrondNetwork.
Supports Elrond Network Blockchain
Supports Polygon Network Blockchain

Link new or existing NFT collection

You can easily integrate and use NFTs in your Shopify storefront with the NFTcommerce Shopify app.
Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin
Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes
Setup discounts to to linked collection
Link NFTs to specific products

Experience the power of an entire technology behind you.

Engage community

Treat the community in the right way. Create value for them, and return comes back to you.

Make tokens usable

Increase the adoption of your token by implementing it in the e-commerce marketing processes.

Drive brand loyalty

Develop your brand loyalty through tokenized access. Unlock exclusive content with NFTs.

Find out how NFTs are building a community around the brand

Suitable for all Shopify Plans

No matter which Shopify plan your shop uses, NFTcommerce suits you.
Suitable for all Shopify merchant plans starting from Basic ending with Lite
Get full customer support
Get inspired by our community

Build brand loyalty without customizing your website